Winemaking at Baccō is an art, a sublime alchemy of tradition and cutting-edge innovation. Our design theme echoes this trait, juxtaposing the intricate perfection of the Italian Masters with the simple elegance of contemporary art.

A fine art of winemaking

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We value time as the ultimate luxury

Time at Baccō is a slow rhythm, gently flowing like the seasons. Just as the life cycle of the vine cannot be rushed, creating any rare work of art requires patience. We believe that true wellbeing lies in synergy with nature, nurturing our environment and savouring its gifts. Our wines are made with this mindful, unhurried approach, to be generous and engage all the senses.

Baccō is a family inspired project borne from Nathan Jankelowitz’s passion for the art of producing premium quality wines. Long inspired by the opulence of the Super Tuscan region, Nathan dreamt of bringing this holistic, experiential brand of luxury to South African wine lovers. A dream that has now become a magnificent reality.


Meet the small, dedicated team at Bacco. They share the brand ethos that time is the ultimate luxury, and that life should be savoured – which is why they pour heart and soul into creating an experiential product of singular quality.


Quantity surveyor turned wine estate owner through passion for the art form of wine. Driven to create wines that will stand above others on an international stage and an estate offering the public a rare experience.


Carla is a qualified patisserie chef out of Le Cordon Bleu, London. She will be running the tasting room at Baccō and delighting visitors with her brand of Cicchetti – Italian-inspired small plates. The infectious passion exuded by her Father, encourages her to create unrivalled holistic experience.


Our well-travelled consultant winemaker knows the international and local wine market inside out. Martin is a third-generation winemaker whose love of viticulture and oenology was gifted to him from his father and grandfather.


Nathan’s continued infectious passion inspired Anita to explore her curiosity in wine by enrolling in the Cape Wine Academy programme. She is currently completing her Diploma Course and together with her ability to keep a tight rein on the administration function of the farm, adds to the rare experience created.


Winemaker Julia graduated from Stellenbosch University with a BSc (Viticulture and Oenology). Her experience stretches through France, USA and various regions of South Africa. Julia’s passion is to gently facilitate and nurture the winemaking process from berry to bottle and beyond.


Chef Steff graduated from SA Chefs Academy and worked under mentor Neill Anthony before gaining international experience. With French influence and his creativity using seasonally fresh ingredients, Chef Steff creates art on a plate that resonates with Sensi de Baccō objectives.